Beaufort Lake

Regularly restocked with Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and more recently Estuary Perch. Redfin can also be found. (More details below under "Beaufort Lake")

Emu Creek

Emu creek is also a popular fishing venue in the Beaufort area from Trawalla through to Lake Goldsmith or as far as Skipton area and beyond.

Fiery Creek

Runs from Mt Cole though to Lake Bolac and is also good trout water when running.



Beaufort Angling Club Inc

New members welcome. Meetings at the cubrooms at the Lake on the second Thursday each month August until May inclusive (currently from 7pm). Queries can be directed to Carol Hutchings Secretary on 5349 2438.

Beaufort Lake

Beautiful Beaufort Lake on the Skipton Road (Lawrence Street) about 1.5 km South of Beaufort shops.