Walking Tour

Primary School

Beaufort is quite an historic town but there is little information that is readily available on the town's heritage buildings. Consequently, dates are often unavailable. However, as you enter Beaufort along the highway (from Melbourne), you will see the town's primary school to the left. The original school building dates from 1864.

Big Garage Sale

As you continue along the highway, you will see, also to the left, the Big Garage Sale, a large second-hand bric-a-brac shop, tel: (03) 5349 2771.

DeBeare House Antiques

Just past it is the first main crossroad - Lawrence St. On the corner is the antique shop which is situated in a lovely old 19th-century building, tel: (03) 5349 2696.

Post Office

Turn right into Lawrence St and, 50 metres along the road, to the right, is the old post office, which is still in operation. It dates from the late 19th century.

Railway Station

Another 50 m along Lawrence St, turn right when you get to the pub, into Pratt St. Just along here is the old railway station (1874).

War Memorial

Continue along Pratt St as it veers back to the highway where you will find an attractive war memorial with a rose garden setting.

Band Rotunda

Almost opposite is an octagonal band rotunda (1908) which is crowned by a fine octagonal lantern with iron-grille decoration and a four-faced clock.

Primitive Methodist Church

Just a little further along the highway (towards Ararat) is an old church hall associated with the Primitive Methodist Church adjacent (1886).

Mechanics' Institute

Walk back along the highway towards Melbourne and turn right into Havelock St. Just along here are the attractive old fire station and the former mechanics' institute.  

Fire Station

Historic facade of the Beaufort Fire Station. Beaufort Fire Brigade has been in existence for nearly 140 years

Beaufort Lake

Return along the highway to Lawrence St and turn right, heading south. Along this road is Beaufort Lake which is lovely spot for a picnic. There is a caravan park and a football ground.

Lake Goldsmith

15 km south of Beaufort (via Lawrence St) is Lake Goldsmith, noted for the steam rally which is held there twice a year, usually in April and October. It is one of the largest of its type in the state with hundreds of steam and antique oil engines on display. The actual site of the rally is 1 km east of the lake along the Lake Goldsmith to Ballarat Rd, tel: (03) 5349 5512.